Original submissions adhering to the conference themes are invited for the following categories:


Submission Category Page Limit
Research studies Full papers 6-8 pgs

Short papers 3-4 pgs

Practitioner research track 3-4 pgs
Industry research track 3-4 pgs
Workshop proposals 2-3 pgs

Submission Categories


Papers may be submitted in the following formats: Research studies either as Full papers or as Short papers, Practitioner research track papers or Industry research track papers. Accepted papers in any of these formats will appear in the conference proceedings. Papers submitted in any of these formats must report original academic or industrial research.

1. Research studies

Research studies should contain:

  • A clear theoretical basis, building on existing literature in the relevant topics
  • A carefully designed empirical study with an appropriate use of research methods to support the investigation and stated results. The research design does not need to be quantitative; it does, however, need to be appropriate to support the claims made.
  • An explication of the paper’s impact on, and contribution to, existing knowledge about technology enhanced learning

Research studies may be submitted as full-length papers (6-8 pages) or short papers (3-4 pages).

  • Full-length papers may contain detailed description of the background research, details of methodology used, findings of the study, interpretation of the findings, and resulting recommendations for other researchers/practitioners
  • Short papers may focus on small-scale research studies that may be extensions of author’s previously validated research.

2. Practitioner research track

Papers in this track are experience reports that describe research-based implementations of technology for education that worked well and is now recommended to others. These papers should contain sound evaluation of the research using appropriate methodology. These papers should contain descriptions of research behind the design, development, implementation and evaluation.
These can be submitted as 3-4 page papers.
Instructors (school or college-level) who have designed, implemented and evaluated technology-based teaching-learning practices are especially encouraged to submit their work to this track.

3. Industry Research track

Papers in this track describe original industry research experiences, case studies, challenges, applications, as well as systems. These papers should present research and development of real-world solutions/systems that solve practical challenges in the field of education. It is expected that the papers in this track make substantial novel contributions along at least two of the following dimensions:

  • understanding of practical challenges faced in the use of technology in education in technology-rich and/or technology-lean environments and potential ways to address these challenges
  • deployment of systems in real-world situations and impact of such deployments
  • societal, business and/or technological insights generated by deployment of ed-tech solutions in real world
  • case studies that identify factors contributing to or hampering the effectiveness and efficiency of technology-in-education
  • application of known ed-tech solutions/concepts in a novel setting and their implications for these solutions.

Industry research paper submissions are limited to 3-4 pages in length. Papers will be peer-reviewed and will primarily be judged on the real-world validity of the setting, the broad applicability of the findings and the overall scientific/practical impact. Accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings. Please note that papers marketing, advertising or showcasing company products will be rejected.